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Our Photography:

The day that you waited to witness for your whole life is finally upon you, and we know you want it to be preserved with all the color’s and joy it brings. Unlike any other day, it is the most special day of your life and we will document it like we would do for our loved ones. Why? Because we simply love and care for all of our clients.


We believe that the best memories are those which are saved with preciseness and delicacy. We, strive to capture just the images by setting the subjects, settings and moods in a synchronization. This enables us to preserve your real story in a natural way, without any chance of it being contrived.

Our team of photographers are well versed in capturing those special moments which you and your soul mate will relish together for your lifetime. Because we understand that your photos and videos will be only things left to help you remember that ecstatic day.

How we do it?

As soon as you book us, we will instantly start to plan the schedule for your photography according to your preference and convenience. We will identify the group shots, the locations (if necessary) and any other perquisites that you require. This is all for the foolproof planning for the photography of your life. As mentioned, we want the very best for you and we constantly strive to achieve it.

Our aim will be on capturing the blend of candid images, some formal group shots and some random and posed photographs of the bride and groom. We put our emphasis on creating a light and fun environment which makes everyone feel relaxed and valued. This allows us to calmly do our work and get the best images out of people.

Lastly, when we are done photographing, we select the best images together which encompass the whole story in a beautiful manner. We then take those pictures and apply our magic of professional editing to further enhance the beauty of the already beautiful photographs. And finally, we create a set of photographs which are ready to be viewed. So don’t wait any further and call Alex, the finest wedding photographer in Buffalo, NY to get the memories of your lifetime.

Our Belief
We believe that every wedding has its own uniqueness and charm. We aim to provide service to couples who are seeking a creative and storytelling photography in a very modest, respectful and delicate manner.
Our Goal
Our primary goal is to deliver an impeccable service to our clients with constant support before, during and after their big day. We have a wide range of products and an arsenal of skills which we utilize to deliver more than your expectations. Because we live for your satisfaction.
Our Forte
Our forte in wedding photography includes but not limited to rehearsal shots, engagement shots, wedding shots, and each and everything you demand.