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About the Company:

Our company was founded in 2008 with only one goal; to provide the best photographs the world has ever witnessed. Based in Western New York where all the work is conducted.  The delicacy involved in photography is what makes it arduous to initiate. This is the reason that we started this company, to provide people with the very best and finest quality of photography. Our forte lies in, but not limited to Aerial Drone Photography & Video, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Commercial Photography, Pre & Post Audio/Video Editing  and the list goes on.

It doesn’t matter what type of photography you are seeking, our team of highly professional and skilled photographers are always up for a challenge. We do not think of photography as work… not even as a passion, photography is a lifestyle for us. We do not just capture photographs to meet our client’s requirements. We live in the photography which makes us understand the right time and right angle to capture an impeccable picture. In this way, we bridge the gap between the initial requirements of our clients and ideal photographs based on our expertise and creativity.

Photography has a very integral role in special segments of your life. Your precious moments can only be saved through the eye of a camera. We as the photographers completely understand that. This is the reason that we constantly adapt to newer ways of photography which push us further to the top of our field.

About the Founder:

The founder of this company is Mr Alex Enser, Alex has a very different vision of photography than others. He sees things in a way which most in our industry do not. His unique and creative sight has enabled him to capture photographs which are always a masterpiece. In short, Alex is a visionary Futurist with a unique perspective on the world, beauty, what’s considered art, and photography.

Alex’s love for photography goes way back, to the purchase of his first camcorder, when he was just a student of 3rd grade. Since then he has been feeding his love for capturing aesthetics through his camera which has ultimately polished him to be the best of his field.

Mission Statement:

The company was established with an initiative to provide people with photography they can savor for a lifetime. The problem with professional photography is its skyrocketing rates and mediocre quality. We have a mission to provide people with a service in which they really get what they pay for. In short, we constantly strive to provide our clients with a service they never forget.

Vision Statement:

The vision of our company is unique yet very simple to grasp. We want to see the revival of the photography trend which is bit by bit getting affected by the invention of Selfies and the high-end camera mobile phones. No matter how advanced camera smartphones are launched, they can never provide a creative finish and professional touch to the photographs. And this is why in the coming years, we want to see ourselves at a place where we have provided thousands of people with our professional touch and creativity.